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The study found that most health care organizations haven’t

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replica handbags china But some information in a medical record can provide steady long term income for scammers, Cabrera said.Credit card companies and banks have vastly improved their ability to protect your data, Cabrera said. Health information systems? Not so luxury replica bags much, which makes them a better target, he said, adding that „some“ improvements have been made.The Ponemon Institute,a security research and consulting organization, said in its May 2016 annual study on health care data privacy and security that about half of all health care organizations had little or no confidence that they could detect the loss or theft of patient data, and that the majority lack the budget to secure their data. The study found that most health care organizations haven’t invested in security technologies or staff.While cyberattacks on the health care industry may pose immediate health risks to patients, with consequences like hospitals closing and procedures needing to be rescheduled, the big concern must include data breaches, Cabrera said.And realistically, there’s little you can do about it. replica handbags china

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