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As long as you know how to keep warm

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The governor has made few direct promises about what she will ultimately approve. She indicated that she would sign the budget perhaps with some line item vetoes and a broad anti crime bill.She and her staff say they will analyze the bills that made it to her desk carefully over the next three weeks.House Speaker Brian Egolf, D Santa Fe, said he would be surprised if there a major series of vetoes in contrast to last year, when Martinez vetoed more than half of the bills passed by the Legislature, even some measures that didn draw a dissenting vote in either chamber.Democrats and Republicans alike, Egolf said, tried to make it a session that results, not just speeches and rhetoric.The attempts at compromise include an anti crime package of legislation and a $6.3 billion budget proposal, legislators said.The 111 bills passed this year are the most Martinez has received in a 30 day session since taking office seven years ago. In other short sessions, she received 100 bills in 2016, 91 in 2014 and 77 in 2012.The Legislature had much more money to work with this year than in 2017 a fact that changed the atmosphere, officials said.Lawmakers didn send the governor any tax increases this year, though they did pass a bill that would impose a fee on dog and cat food.And she didn stop there.

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