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This country faces serious issues and it time that we get

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Zeref from Fairy Tail. After 400 years of watching humanity make the same mistakes over and over again, he’s had enough. Eerily enough, he states his intention to wipe out humanity with the same sorrowful tone he uses when apologizing for accidentally killing things. As it turns out, the truth is more complicated than that. Zeref hates humanity and the world in its current state partially because he sees it as his fault things are the way they are (and considering what his own actions and that of his creations and those who misused them have done, it’s probably not too inaccurate), which only further compounds his own death wish. His endgame is to gain enough power to cast a spell that will send him back to the point before he became immortal with his memories intact so he can change things, and since he’s such an integral figure in history such an act would irrevocably change the future to the point the present wouldn’t exist anymore. As such, humanity as the world knows it would quite literally be wiped out.

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cheap replica handbags CVNeutron: you read this as a liberal or a conservative, LGBTor straight, Christian or atheist or any other religious belief, I want you to take from thisa very simple message: We are all Americans and we all care about the same things. We all want equality, we just don yet know the right way to achieve it. I am gay and I can tell you without a doubt I fully support those like me as well as those completely different from me because that what makes our country better than most. We can disagree online and in person and on air as much as we want and at the end of the day nobody is hung for what they said and we all still can be united as people. This country faces serious issues and it time that we get serious answers. I don give a damn what Chick Fil A or The Home Depot or Gap or any other corporation thinks about gays. I care what my leaders think about equality. It time to stop dancing around the issue and ask our leaders to give us real cohesive answers to this question: When? When will we have true equality in this country? Thursday piece on chicken with a side of politics garnered more than 5,000 comments. If you see demonstrations in your area,share your story on CNN iReport. In that same vein, we trying something new by providing a look at some of the most talked about stories of the day. cheap replica handbags

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