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If someone could help they were more than happy to offer some

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Security guards filmed in brutal fight outside town centre Primark store as shocked shoppers watch onFootage shows a shopper having a row with a man in uniform outside the store in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, before a shoving match breaks out and punches thrownA shoving match erupts before it quickly turns violent(Image: Credit: Pen News/Mario D Mario D’Ascenzo, who filmed the scene, said there was “no thought for the public” from those involved.The 36 year old said: “I was paying money into the bank and then I was walking down towards Primark to get my car and there was some shouting going on.”There was a guy with bags in his hand who was with his sister, and they and the security guards were shouting abuse at each other.”The victim touched the security guard and then there was what happened in the video.”A shocked shopper filmed the incident and said there was “no thought for the public”(Image: Credit: Pen News/Mario D He continued: “One kid was crying in a pram. Another woman had to move her pram out of the way real quick. There was just no thought for the public.”I was disgusted.

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