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Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing: The alien heat ray reduces

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Due to ancient tradition, the date when all revenues gathered by the district counts have to be delivered to the imperial government is the Emperor’s birthday (for political reasons, the counts refused to pay taxes to the Emperor, but were willing to give him a “birthday present” consisting of however much they would have been expected to pay in taxes every year). Whenever an Emperor dies, the tax day changes to the new Emperor’s birthday, altering the tax collection and distribution schedule for the entire empire. This also means that on the year in which the Emperor dies, it is entirely possible that the Emperor’s Birthday (with accompanying tax obligations) will happen twice or zero times that year, depending on when the incoming and outgoing Emperors were born.

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replica Purse The human brain is a fantastic tool. Each day, you have thousands of ideas. Ideas that would allow you to achieve or accomplish your mission or your development. Ripped from the Headlines: Rachel’s first reaction to the heat ray is “Is it the terrorists?” Ogilvy’s line about how “Occupations never work,” a less than subtle Take That! at the situation in Iraq at the time. Setting Update: From the original novel’s late 19th century England to the early 21st century New Jersey. Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing: The alien heat ray reduces people to ash, leaving their clothing behind. replica Purse

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