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Ready built conveyor units are hugely readily available in the

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Travel Trip to Okinmoden,

️ 22:00: Departure from Casablanca (Train Station Casablanca Port)
► Dinner Sunday 25 February 2018:
• 07:00: Access – Eat a meal – free time to ski and enjoy the atmosphere Okimden (free)

– Teleperique ride and enjoy the magnificent panorama of the mountains of Okimden (25 AED) Free

amidst nature and watery • meal • 13:30 – Free time in the city of Marrakech and we suggest you visit: * * * Tank * Gardens * Tour • 17:00: Start the return trip
► What is included in the amount of participation?
The price of participation is 230 dirhams and includes: ✔ Transport.
✔ Accompanying and activating.
✔ Secure ✔ All the logistical expenses of downloading ماذا What you will need during the trip?
– Shoe – Hat – Jacket طريقة Booking method


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