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On the surface the name „understanding same gender attraction“

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[score hidden] submitted 1 hour agoI looked at the USGA website to find out more for myself. On the surface the name „understanding same gender attraction“ seems reasonable, I canada goose outlet nyc agree people should have a better understanding of that. But reading further you canada goose outlet toronto factory see there more to it than that. Take one article for example, it tries to explain sodomy laws as a product of patriarchy, homophobia, and gender binary. You can draw your own conclusion on the purpose and implications of the article. Sodomy is where the church draws the line, which is to act on sexual inclinations towards the same gender.Elder Bednar says, there are no „homosexuals“ in the Church of canada goose outlet new york city Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, how would it then look to support a group that says otherwise? Casey Peterson offered an informed opinion being a member of faculty very close to the issue canada goose outlet , and expressed concern for other students. Are the students he referring to important at all or only the USGA students? 0 points submitted 1 day agoI haven been taught I get my own planet. I also heard people say God lives on Kolob, not what it says in scripture.Suicide is a difficult thing, it would never be encouraged and I think people generally conserve judgement in that moment and mourn that someone canada goose outlet store they love was brought so low they killed themselves.I glad leaders don spell everything out for the members, even more controversial topics in the handbooks people are not encouraged to do certain things but are told it is between them and the Lord. It gives us an opportunity to think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions based on the information we have available to us. They focus on Christ and teaching at general conference on general topics that benefit the members. All these myths, speculations, controversial points canada goose outlet parka of doctrine, even church history we are free to study and come to our own conclusions. We may not always be right but I glad we don have to be told what to think, because I think for the most part we can figure it out for ourselves.PaulFThumpkins [score hidden] submitted 2 hours agoExcept that you not allowed to come up with your own personal doctrine, not really. You can and will be censured by leaders or parents or your community for not believing or practicing something the church teaches or enforces in practice but won cop to if it breaks out into the larger world and embarrasses them. The command structure trumps personal spirituality every time and that weight hangs over your head 24/7 if you can roll with the dissonance and shrug off the guilt. 2 points submitted 7 hours agoFinally, you have followed what I outlined as a typical apologetic tactic: take a canada goose outlet online list of facts, find one that is a little shaky, ignore the overall point and then disqualify the entire list. So let me canada goose outlet uk sale re frame it all.OP believes BY is a false prophet and provides several assertions. Re read the post, identify the assertions. What percent of the assertions are incorrect and why? Are the remaining assertions compelling enough to making OP point? Then provide a confidence percentage in the following statement: BY is a false prophet.Now you can get hung up on one or two items you have to address the hypothesis instead. [score hidden] submitted 3 hours agoI not disqualifying the whole list. („Take a list of facts“ really?) I looked through the claims and made a sincere effort to find supporting evidence for the claims, especially those that were new to me. I started from the top and questioned the beginning with canada goose black friday sale the Bible, then I brought up the one that seemed most shaky to me. Then I brought up the point about saying something is right and then saying it could be wrong.I not saying anything goose outlet canada else is wrong or incorrect, I just exhausted my desire to pick apart anything else from this post. Maybe someone else can, but I suspect people have better things to do. (Perhaps that is why there are very few dissenting arguments here) this is a long and arduous process and it takes a lot canada goose jacket outlet of time. 2 points submitted 7 hours agoBut it seems disengenious when facts are presented, testimony born that it is canada goose outlet online uk false, then the intellectual humility card is played right after.Testimony born that is false? So your logic is that because he provides evidence outside of his testimony or gives room for the possibility that he is wrong that his testimony was false? May I suggest that because his testimony is devastating to you in two ways: 1) BY is not a prophet canada goose outlet black friday and 2) Moroni promise yields contradictory responses and is , therefore, completely unreliable that you need to believe it is false? [score hidden] submitted 3 hours agoNo, he bore testimony that BY is a false prophet, (spirit confirmed to him in prayer that BY is false prophet).My point was the sum of his argument canada goose outlet canada was the historical examples of reasons BY could be considedered a false prophet, (the long list of things including glass shards in flour, which was later refracted) plus he shared a spiritual experience that confirmed to him that BY is a false prophet. That his supporting evidence in the post but then after all of that the wordsThe statements and case built previous to then lay that out is to me disengenious, but some might consider it intellectual honesty/humility. Then followed are questions (which are fine) that canada goose outlet sale include the possibility that because BY is a false prophet that the whole church is bogus from day one.His testimony is not devastating to me at all. I was able to challenge some of the ideas he posed and he was even willing to retract an entire statement canada goose outlet in usa that from other places on reddit people seem to swallow willingly with zero thought placed on the validity if the claim. For his testimony or spiritual confirmation through prayer, I not even doubting that he has had some kind of experience that confirms his beliefs, and I believe spiritual confirmation of our beliefs is part of the process of gaining a testimony, but I sure there are people praying about the same thing and getting different answers. Some pray and get confirmation they know the church is true, some people pray and get confirmation the church isn true. So that something we have to grapple with.

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