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None of the mods can take money on the seller behalf nor would

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canadian goose jacket What Would You canada goose black friday sale Like uk canada goose outlet To See on RL

cheap Canada Goose I think it would be a nice idea and option for some users who don’t want to take the time to review, if they would just post Canada Goose Outlet photos of their purchase. Just Iike the detailed photos in the reviews users post, but without the text. I think it may bring more photos for canada goose uk outlet reference, and I don’t think it will impact the decisions of users to do photos over a review because some users really enjoy writing the review, but others don’t have time, so they don’t share anything at all. CCW and comments canadian goose jacket could Canada Goose online be welcomed for their photos.(Excuse me if this is the purpose of the „reference“ flair i thought that was only for authentic items)I think that if it was only for the new reviews going forward, that would be good enough. In a few months or year from now, it’ll be amazing! Especially with how much the sub is growing and how easy it is to only post your photos VS whole review. And how new batches are always coming canada goose store out.Is this possible, less or no work for the mods: Aside from the options users have to post a „review“ or „QC“ if users just had a „photos“ post option in the main sub. or canada goose clearance sale the option to canada goose factory sale post photos under one of the buttons in the menu. That would make it easier you you/the mods also I’d imagine. (but I have no idea how this works!) I just canada goose think the more resources references, the better. But also don’t want it to be too much canada goose coats on sale additional work for mods, but they way I imagine and I’m explaining it, I can’t see how it would because no one will have to dig through all the reviews.I Canada Goose Coats On Sale think more people would be inclined to share because it’s so simple. You can also do it from your phone instead of having to go Canada Goose Online on desktop (which is what I have done for long posts)It seems like there always lots of requests to have notes/threads cheap canada goose uk about which TS are best for which bags, but I understand there might be lots of issues with doing that. I was wondering, would it be possible to do user polls instead?For example a mod post could be made for a popular style (say, LV Neverfull MM in DE) with canada goose clearance a poll for people to vote (and comment) on which seller currently has the best version, and compare prices and cheap Canada Goose flaws/strengths. This would serve as a quick Canada Goose Jackets reference for someone who is overwhelmed by doing the research, and would concentrate a lot of knowledge into one Canada Goose sale place. It still doesn’t uk canada goose warrant rude and canada goose uk shop unnecessary comments tho.“Have an issue with someone list price? If you like to kindly and politely suggest why the OP should change it, he/she may find it helpful. However, we prefer if you would just move along. You may think it overpriced, but no one is forcing you to buy it. If you can be kind, then mind your own business.We respectfully request that members not feel the need to police others canada goose coats listings. We understand you are only trying to help out, but we also want to avoid any unnecessary drama. If you see something that you feel needs to be addressed, report the thread or pm the mod team. We will handle it.“They called her a liar about who she got the bag from, where she had to provide screenshots it was actually from UB.I feel like if something is canada goose overpriced it isn’t my business. I don put things in my cart that are total crud links. I actually do a 50% QC of the seller, ratings, review photos, etc. before favoriting and CERTAINLY before adding to my cart. If I looking for an item I may look through 20 TB sellers/links before landing on one or two that I favorite and/or add to my cart. That legwork can benefit canada goose uk black friday others and I can benefit from others who do this as well. Even just having links that appear to be the rep can cut down Canada Goose Parka on a lot of time (finding auth. images to reverse image search etc.)Especially if the item is really good! Sometimes by time the person purchases, sends in a haul, waits for shipping, and finds the time to review, the link may be dead!If it a smaller scale group buy, then it could work. None of the mods can take money on the seller behalf nor would we want to be put in that position. The problem we had with Redden was the bottlenecking. So many people were interested, she wasn able to handle the onslaught of friend requests and questions, which caused a delay in paying/finalizing the order.Had it been for a bag that isn quite as popular, I think a seller would be able to take payment upfront, but if we do things that way, we can ensure we have the minimum we need without having to go back to a sign up sheet system. There a lot of logistics to consider. I discuss it with other mods and see if this would be feasible in the future and have it not be as problematic as buy canada goose jacket it was with the Chanel GB.I know that this is subjective, but it would be nice to have a little note by TS or a area for each designer where we say who or what factory sells the „highest quality“ version.There are a couple of sellers that we seem to collectively agree sell the best Chanel Boy bag. That the bag I thinking about buying, but sometimes I think about getting a different bag (maybe an LV?) but I don know where to even start. Yes, I can go through ALL the reviews, but it would be nice if perhaps the mods or those who are really versed in a certain designer make a little short hand note for others. Perhaps like this example:Stephanie Wechat: blah blahnote: 0.9:1 quality on embossing on LV, high reviews on NF, tends to sell rounded straps on Chanel Boys buy canada goose jacket cheap.


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