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azianfatale 4 cheap canada goose uk points submitted canada goose outlet sale 4 days ago

Original Donna was great, imo, before the whole canada canada goose uk shop goose outlet online uk COO fiasco. I miss the can opener and thumbtacks, the always on Canada Goose Outlet intercom, and the smart wit that seemed to fade canada goose clearance to a voice barley above a canada goose black friday canada goose factory sale sale whisper, I’m a grown up now/serious face all the time Donna.

The final quarter Canada Goose Parka of S7 started dabbling canada goose outlet store uk in what made the characters uk canada goose outlet great, their canada goose store relationships (non romantic). The tampons team up, Mike Harvey’s Superman and Aquaman duo Canada Goose Coats On Sale work on the judge’s case. it was nice to see but kinda like wtf?! since it canada goose outlet took how many seasons to get back to this only to have Patrick and Megan canada goose outlet toronto factory make their exit.

I’ve been a Harvey fan since S1 E1, canada goose outlet reviews if they could bring back the cocky, sarcastic confidence sprinkled with charm that made, IMO, made his character and dynamics between colleagues, I definitely think the show would improve. I’ve said before, watching S7’s finale, uk canada goose the years were more apparent to me, canada goose outlet uk sale Canada Goose sale looking at Harvey’s and Mike’s faces, canada goose outlet parka almost like he’s aged by seasons Canada Goose Jackets of poor writing, thrown into a relationship with Paula canada goose outlet new york city that no one canada goose outlet in usa saw coming, and less awesome attorney/clientele interactions.

Sitdownyo 3 points submitted 6 days ago

May be its just me. But relationship of bobby, Wendy and chuck is just so not realistic at all. The show makes it seem like bobby cares more for Wendy than his own wife/sons. And Wendy cheap Canada Goose has stronger feelings for bobby (atleast little bit) more than she has for chuck. You can just see canada goose factory outlet in her face and in her eyes when canada goose bobby is around. Yet bobby and Wendy has never even slept together. Even canada goose clearance sale tho they know each other for like 15 20 years. I am sorry in real New York,Especially with wealthy young co workes. if they had chemistry together and cared for each other they would have slept with eachother long time canada goose outlet uk ago. many times and canada goose coats on sale by now would have actually started to hate each other. Yet somehow they never had anything sexual relationship Canada Goose online but just this hidden force that they like about each other. And Wendy husband wants bobby in jail for 30 canada goose outlet shop buy canada goose jacket 50 years. And bobby don mind having Canada Goose Online private work conversations with Wendy. Even tho he knows she can talk to chuck about it at home. It like somehow bobby knows Wendy cares for him than her own husband.

Not realistic at all.

natashaminskoff 9 points submitted 9 days ago

I don’t disagree with you, but I do think that was the exit that suited Mike and Rachel. I don’t think we’re meant to see them say canada goose outlet black friday goodbye. It’s implied that their home is still there. I’d imagine that they’d come back fairly often considering Rachel (and now Mike’s) family goose outlet canada goose uk thecanadagooseoutlet outlet canada is there. Harvey, Donna and Louis are now Mike’s family as well.

Suits is meant to be fast paced with a lot going on. That’s official canada goose outlet what I loved about it. Mike would canada goose uk black friday be working a case then Harvey would be to or going against any number of people he has while canada goose outlet store Louis was doing his own thing. It’s meant canada goose canadian goose jacket outlet nyc to cover so many things on every different front. I liked that Mike was still working a case and trying canada goose outlet online to find a way to solve the firm’s problem so that he could leave and feel like his job was done, canada goose outlet canada because it was.

The wedding was just as I’d imagine it. Quick, focused on Rachel and Mike and with the people who should be there. It was what the characters even applied and I love that the last shot we see of them is them happy, dancing, ready to start a new life canada goose black friday sale after everything they’d been through.

In the case of Jessica, it was canada goose sale meant to lead us into the spin off and introduce a new show and frankly, I’m excited. I love Gina Torres and I’m glad she’ll get to continue to embody Jessica Pearson, a powerful woman representation in the legal setting of now, Chicago. Throw in a canada goose outlet jackets more buy canada goose jacket cheap prominent role for Zane as a new managing partner, and you have canada goose jacket outlet more than enough interesting characters to keep the show going. Shoehorning Heigl into canada goose coats the cast feels totally unnecessary, and even a bit desperate. Hate everything about this.


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