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If you have ETS Surgery, you may stop sweating from under the

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Canada Goose sale The Dangers of ETS Surgery for Excessive Sweating

Canada Goose Outlet If you have an excessive sweating problem, you may have heard of endoscopic sympathectomy (ETS) surgery. If you are considering this option Don’t!

buy canada goose jacket This surgery can have severe complications and, in spite of the promises, could leave you in a worse buy canada goose jacket situation than you currently face. Some people have buy canada goose jacket cheap experienced more sweating after the operation than before.

That’s right more sweating. Doesn’t sound like a good solution to the problem of excessive sweating, does it? Okay, you have problems Canada Goose Online with excessive sweating, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. You want a solution. That’s fair enough. However, ETS Surgery is NOT the solution.

Read on to find out more about ETS. And be sure to visit my website for more information on the major hyperhidrosis treatments.

ETS Surgery Leads to Compensatory SweatingMore than half of the patients who have undergone the surgery have experienced „compensatory sweating.“ Over 50 per cent of people sweat more after the surgery than before!

canadian goose jacket That’s because the surgeons basically prevent you from sweating in a certain area, but sweat canada goose uk shop is the body’s way of releasing some toxins from the skin and providing self cooling.

canada goose coats on sale While excessive sweating is uncomfortable, sweating is actually part of how our bodies work and we need to sweat in some way. If you have ETS Surgery, you may stop sweating from under the arms, for example, but many people sweat more on the trunk of the cheap canada goose uk body or their thighs.

canada goose clearance Even WorseSome patients experience such severe compensatory sweating that it continually soaks through their clothing. Imagine sitting on a bus for 10 minutes, getting up and leaving a pool of sweat on the seat as you leave? Do you want people to think you are incontinent too?

canada goose I’ve seen videos where people look like they have their own shower as they walk around the sweat canada goose uk black friday just drips off them in sheets. The compensatory sweating can be more severe than the excessive sweating problem you started with. It’s just not worth it!

Canada Goose online Doctors Don Know Who Will React Like ThisThis is something the doctor’s can’t determine pre uk canada goose outlet operatively Canada Goose Coats On Sale that is before the operation. Techniques, instruments and doctor experience vary so greatly, there is no guarantee in this type of surgery anyway.

It is even more difficult for doctor’s to pre determine who will experience severe ‚compensatory sweating‘, following ETS surgery, because no one’s body is exactly the same as another one. This means every canada goose surgery is slightly different, and individual variations in nerve routes can be very different from patient to patient. This could mean the surgeon misses some branches canada goose clearance sale of nerves and you could end up with persistent symptoms of excessive sweating.

canada goose coats The surgery is painful. Some doctor’s claim to be able to do ‚micro‘ surgery with only a few cuts, but this technique means there is more likelihood of them missing some of the nerves. Others will remove one of your ribs to complete the surgery.

Canada Goose Jackets All operations and surgeries present some risks, but cheap Canada Goose before you consider ETS surgery, think carefully about how the list before would impact on your life. canada goose black friday sale These are all possible dangers of Canada Goose Parka the ETS Surgery.

canada goose clearance sale Don Risk the Dangers of ETS SurgeryIf you suffer from excessive sweating, look for other, more natural solutions to the problem. Don’t risk making it worse by ETS Surgery. None of the above complications are worth the risk. Not being canadian goose jacket able to exercise, go out to dinner with friends, having a collapsed lung or a pacemaker are not things you want in your life.

canada goose deals I’d be interested to hear from Canada Goose Outlet anyone who has had good or bad experiences with ETS. Please leave a comment below.

canada goose store John D 2 years agoI’ve had my ETS surgery about a 1 year and a half ago. I do want to ask someone if canada goose uk outlet they have had the feeling of ’not being completely there‘. I’m still doing well in school. But i notice i no longer feel nostalgic and feel disconnected. Im really trying to figure out if this is emotional or a result from the operation. I started feeling like this soon after the operation, but I also was in a state of extreme regret and canada goose coats I still am from time to time Canada Goose online due to the lack of sweating above the nipple line. I cant say ive Canada Goose Jackets moved on, because i still think about what could i have done differently. Im hoping that this is a canada goose jacket result of trauma rather than the procedure, but not afraid to canada goose factory sale face the truth. So please leave a reply on your experience emotionally after canada goose coats on sale the operation; perhaps this feeling is short lived?

canada goose black friday sale Debbie 2 years ago

Canada Goose Parka I continue to suffer from compensatory sweating after having the ETS procedure in 2003. Please check out this website:I receive a vast amount of emails from those who are suffering significantly from compensatory sweating. Many are extremely depressed, which canada goose store is very concerning to canada goose clearance me. Sweat Better is not a cure, hence the name sweat better. It uk canada goose simply helps manage the side effect compensatory sweating, making life easier. Best Regards, Debbie.

Alvinsduckie 2 years ago

buy canada goose jacket cheap Had ETS 2002, ruined my health. was unable to sue. Still experiencing side effects but some improvement. However,all the side effects Canada Goose sale are still debilitating. even on a good day. been on disability since 2006. „normality“ is not an option for me (and many post ETS patients).


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