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I so sick and tired of the uk canada goose entitlement that is

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croatian u

Thank Christ that someone is finally speaking some sense u/aboba_. I so sick and tired of the uk canada goose entitlement that is displayed in the lower mainland/ South Island. People have been uprooted from their homes since the dawn of civilization. It just the way canada goose black friday sale things go canada goose outlet parka and they should be thankful that it not war, disease or famine that is forcing them to change how and where they live. People need to canada goose outlet Canada Goose Jackets online uk stop complaining and start cheap canada goose uk planning on how they are going to adapt to the changes being forced upon them by ways of the world.

Hey man I not advocating throwing the disadvantaged to the wolves, but as some point the “Im owed this ” attitude has to be tempered with a bit of reality. Victoria is very desirable place to live in a very desirable country and the market is going to reflect canada goose that. Short of becoming a quasi communistic country, that is going canada goose clearance sale to create inequality. That just the reality of things. I recently moved to Victoria as an economic migrant, leaving friends and family behind. It just what happens and people have got to roll with cheap Canada Goose the times or realize that maybe Canada Goose Online all the dreams and aspirations they thought were attainable aren 4 points submitted 11 months ago

Went to Kansas last week canada goose outlet jackets for the first time and walked away with one three year old tom and buy canada goose jacket a good jake. Hunted with an outfitter in the North central part canada goose outlet uk of the state. First morning we out had canada goose outlet a close encounter canada goose outlet in usa with a couple of toms but the dozen or so jakes keep canada goose uk shop them canada goose outlet reviews at bay, which was amazing to see first hand how certain birds will gang up and bully bigger birds out of the area. Rest of the day was a wash out after a big canada goose outlet black canada goose black friday sale friday storm hit the area and we decided to go after them later in the morning on Wednesday. The next morning canada goose factory sale we came close to some more jakes and tried the canada goose outlet online reaping canada goose store method (private ground) but they did canada goose outlet nyc not want to cooperate. Later on we got on another good gobbler and tried to Canada Goose sale reap him Canada Goose Coats On Sale but he moved off when he caught sight of the decoy and when we put it away he came back to the hens and eventually canada goose uk outlet moved off with them. Finally the weather got better yet still windy so my guide and I went to a place where they had been seeing a group move through in the afternoons. After awhile a hen showed and brought a tom and 5 jakes buy canada goose jacket cheap with her into our field but they Canada Goose Outlet would not break canada goose outlet store uk away from her to our decoy. After about an hour and a half they worked their way back up the hill where they came from and when they got into a ditch on the side of it my canada goose outlet store guide and I sprinted up canada goose uk black friday to try and catch them before they got away. As canada goose outlet sale we came canadian goose jacket over the hill one jake ran straight goose outlet canada away from us and I swung on him to get a shot and just as I did another jumped in the air in my sights so I shot him instead and believe it or Canada Goose online not just as I shot the tom flew up between me and uk canada goose outlet the one I was aiming at and I didn see him until I pulled the trigger. Both birds fell like a pair of ducks do when shot in flight and hit the ground dead. By some miracle I canada goose outlet toronto factory got both of the biggest birds Canada Goose Parka in the group with one shot and tagged out! The tom had an 8.5 inch beard, 1 1/16 and 15/16 inch spurs and weighed 19.1 lbs and the jake had a 5.5 inch canada goose outlet uk sale beard and weighed 13 canada goose outlet canada lbs. Was a real blast and I learned a hell of a lot canada goose jacket outlet about turkey behavior in the late season. Hope to canada goose coats on sale come back someday.

hobitopia 11 points submitted 1 year ago

Got quite a few of canada goose coats these last fall, big fat fox squirrels from lower central Michigan. Quite a bit bigger than the grey and red squirrels canada goose outlet shop I used to here in Wisconsin. 17 hmr canada goose clearance for scale.

My Mother moved to Michigan a few canada goose factory outlet years ago with my Step dad, and I go to visit her every new years for a few days. Their house is adjacent to a corn field, and the farmer leaves a few rows of corn standing every year for canada goose clearance deer, which is also good canada goose outlet new york city for bringing in these squirrels.

It was quite a rewarding challenge shooting a squirrel in the head at 150yds, but that 17 was more than up to the task, and out of official canada goose outlet about ten, not a one got away.


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