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Because JP Morgan is able to provide this level of globalized

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A character has divided loyalties maybe they’re Raised by Orcs, and both the orcs and humans want them to stay with them. Or they’re a pet with multiple owners, or a Tykebomb who left their creator but still feels some loyalty. It all comes to a head now, as they’re surrounded by the different factions who demand that the divided one pick their side now.

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Fake Bags Dark comedies especially those that lampoon social and sexual mores often lose their edge and humor over time. But Orton’s work continues to dazzle, especially in the hands of director John Tillinger and a talented cast at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. From government bureaucracy to the psychiatric establishment, from bourgeois morality to sexual puritanism, Orton’s gallops through the thicket of traditional shibboleths, slashing and burning with every sly and witty quip Fake Bags.


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