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Alternate Universe: It is briefly implied in Chrono Cross that

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A Cup Angst: Never comment on how small Kid’s breasts are or you’ll suffer the consequences. Accidental Pervert: In the main storyline, Serge pulls Kid behind cover in the library as a guard approaches, accidentally feeling her up in the process and putting her face dangerously close to his for a few moments. Action Girl: Kid Aliens and Monsters: The SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra scenario. Alternate Universe: It is briefly implied in Chrono Cross that the events of Radical Dreamers took place in an alternate dimension.

Hermes Replica Handbags K Azuha dominates at this. Master general magic faster than anyone on campus. Having a high aptitude in telepathy increases one’s resistance to Asmodeus’s painful spells. Bunny Ears Lawyer: Kaguya. Her introduction has her sneak up on a boy she’s never met and Glomp him because he’s related to her Friendly Enemy (who doesn’t agree with the “friendly” part). She’s also ridiculously powerful and an extremely capable leader. Can’t Have Sex, Ever: Because contraceptives simply don’t work, and Hermes Replica Birkins pregnancy with a summoner ensues 100% of the time. Hermes Replica Handbags

Hermes Birkin Replica What Measure Is a Mook?: The very beginning of the book dwells on this see It Never Gets Any Easier. Later, however, the villain makes it explicit that he doesn’t see his own henchmen as anything but transient “extras” in a production. You Can’t Make an Omelette.: The mobster Billy Ring says this to Bond, when they see that the entire population around Fort Knox have been killed dead in their tracks by the poison Goldfinger introduced into the water supply. Or so they think. Hermes Birkin Replica

Hermes Replica Feathered Fiend: Savory Stu and Colonel Pluck, although both of them were hypnotized. Fittingly enough, the latter’s level is even called “Feather Fiend”. Floating Continent: The Golden Temple is this. Floating Limbs: Tiki Tong Flunky Boss: The Mole Train. Flying Seafood Special: There are jellyfish and squid enemies that inexplicably fly through the air. Foreshadowing: The name and theme of “Crumble Canyon.” The path leading straight from it to the boss level likewise crumbles. Funny Background Event: The zebra, elephant, giraffe (and squirrel) from the opening cutscene pop up a few times in the backdrops of various stages, most notably in “Blowhole Bound” where they are floating in a dinghy in the background. Hermes Replica

Replica Hermes Belt Mundane Made Awesome: Thoth is introduced trying to find the deeper meaning of lettuce. Horus lampshades this when he tears it up and shouts “It’s lettuce!” Mundane Utility: At one point, Hathor uses her bracelet to escape from Set. She takes it off, letting herself be dragged away from the mortal world, then puts it back on and pops back at another place. The experience is not the least bit pleasant, but it’s “better than running”. My Skull Runneth Over: When Bek asks Thoth about how he could witness the creation of the world if it there was no world to watch it from, Thoth claims telling him would cause his brain to liquefy. Replica Hermes Belt

Replica Hermes Birkin He has made much fan art for the three of them, Hayley in particular. Heroes Want Redheads: Joel and Steven admit that they find Kim Possible and Frankie attractive in this comic. Homage: To TheBoondocks in this page. Also the below mentioned examples of Pulp Fiction and Jurrasic Park in the Shout Out examples. Hypothetical Casting: This page here lists actors to play the characters. They are; Aaron Will Friedle Steve Jason Mewes Jocelyn Alecia Beth Moore Joel Jonah Hill Michelle Ellen Wong Abby America Ferrera Katy Ashley Tisdale Ashleigh Jenna Von Oy Jerkass: Aaron and Jocelyn at their worst, the Duquense family is perennially assholes described here and Kendra’s older brother demonstrates this here. Replica Hermes Birkin

Hermes Handbags Beat Panel: Akira and Chisa smiling at each other when Chisa implies she’s going to beat him with a bat for his blood. Big “NO!”: Akira, screaming as Chisa comes after him with a bat. Covert Pervert: Matsumoto remarks that Chisa is probably a B cup after giving her a piggy back ride to the infirmary. Cute and Psycho: Chisa, when she picks up a bat, smiles at Akira and tells his she needs two liters of a man’s blood. Cute Witch: Chisa. Dodgy Toupee: Their teacher, which Matsumoto proves by snatching it off while invisible, to both his and Chisa’s horror. Dropped After the Pilot: Both of the characters in the One Shot, Iidzuka Chisa and Matsumoto Akira are completely absent from the serialized version. Eye of Newt: The recipe to Chisa’s love potion, which includes 20 centipede feet, 3 meters of spider’s thread and other wierd ingredients. Flying Broomstick: Chisa uses a pretty modern one, but she isn’t very good at it and crashes into a tree near the beginning. Friendless Background: Matsumoto has one due to being new at his school, and he asks Chisa to be his first friend there. Giving Up the Ghost: Akira after Chisa scares the crap out of him. I Lied: Chisa when she ‘confesses’ to Akira. Also about needing the blood in the first place. In Training: Chisa says she’s an apprentice of an apprentice witch. Chisa says this was originally used by witches to escape execution. Love Potion: Akira asks Chisa to make one when she mentions it exists. It turns out it was to make his cat love him. Magic Items: The chalk that can make you invisible if you draw a circle with it and stand in it. The Masquerade: Averted, or maybe downplayed. It seems the existence of witches and magic isn’t widely known, but neither is it kept hidden. New Transfer Student: Matsumoto Akira. Ordinary Middle School Student: Matsumoto Akira, until he meets Chisa. Spell Book: Chisa is seen reading one in class when he’s supposed to be doing classwork. Twin Tails: Chisa, who is notably not Tsundere but is quite girlish and cute. Weirdness Censor: Two students see Akira and Chisa messing around with her invisibility chalk and assume it must be done with some kind of optical illusion, rather than magic. Zettai Ryouiki: Chisa’s high socks Hermes Handbags.


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